Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Entries done!

Sent off my entries this afternoon to Showfields dressage next weekend. That's very soon i know but he's doing so superb at home i really want to get out and get a mark on paper to see where we are at. A benchmark so to speak.

Every ride we are getting better and better. As i get more confident on him i can push him on for a bit more active movement instead of just shuffling along. Wow he can move! So different to riding Scotty who didn't really have much movement at all. While asking him for a bit more active trot yesterday he even threw in 2 strides of extension. Not quite what i wanted but wow it felt A-MAZING! Today went for a big canter down each long side of the arena, across the diagonal with a simple change in the middle. Such a clever pony! He's so much fun to ride :)

Lesson tomorrow with Nic and will be interesting to see how we have progressed since last week.

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