Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hot hot hot

Showfields dressage today!
I really had no clue what to expect of Sparky at a show or how he would react. Admittedly i rode very defensively (badly) in my first test the 1.4
Was so very nervous and subconsciously expected him to throw his toys in the arena like every other horse i have ever ridden! He was very obliging though and even with my poor riding ended up with 56.80%

He did feel very fresh warming up initially. Not like the Sparky i'm used to! By the time test 2 came along. the 1.2 he had well and truly run out of gas. Someone has no concept of conserving energy... I just walked him around trying not to tire him but i think a combination of heat plus the very deep sand in the arena made it hard for him. Test went what i thought was well. Admittedly we were going snail pace, rider wasn't feeling very confident! Towards the end of the test i did start asking him for a more active trot though. No results for this one. Class finished at 5:30 and wasn't keen on hanging around. Hopefully they will post results online.

Confidence will only come with time and outings. Ringcraft is one thing i need to work on. My circles became squares and transitions not quite on markers. But at least no course errors thanks to my caller Hayley! Was very pleased with how he reacted in the show environment. It was quite a busy day with the races going on nearby and lots of horses around. He was happy to chill at the float and munch on his hay net :)

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