Friday, December 31, 2010


Had one of those "ride like a complete muppet" days today. Would think of some excuse to explain but i really can't be bothered. Sparky however was ever so obliging with his extraordinarily useless rider.

Muppet rider looking at something amazingly interesting on the ground. Sparky just looks oh so cute as always!

Cooling off walk

Sparky and Lucy had a brief moment of getting to graze together. Then i decided it was too much hard work with feeding them different things and amounts. They just have a tape between them so they can smooch over the fence if they wish. Sparky is good with her and puts her in her place when he needs to. She thinks he's the most divine thing on 4 legs (she's in season a
t the mo). It is nice they get along well as it makes some things much easier. Like leading two at once, which is always nicer when they don't try kill each other. Sparky has actually become my
babysitter for Lucy teaching her correct floating techniques aka don't move or i will bite you. He sets a great example for her! :)

Cute horses making friends

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