Monday, January 31, 2011

He's out of the woods!

Sparky and Lucy looking super cool in their new Savvy Touch halters!

Sparky has been very sick lately. Came down with a lung infection. Had a temp of 40.3 degrees! Thankfully my vet is super onto it and came down hard with penicillin and gentamicin. She said that kind of thing very often turns into full blown pneumonia. Crikey! He was almost put onto metronidazole as well but thankfully he turned a corner and improved. It's so awful seeing your horse sick but he is feeling so much better now yay!

Hopefully start riding him again soon when i get the OK from the vet :)

On a more positive note i got the photos from Showfields dressage. Not exactly a showcase of my finest riding ;) I bought one off Libby anyway though. My shirt makes
me look like i have a hunch back and my reins are far too long but oh well.

I also need to find him a new saddle that actually fits. Rode in an NSC that fitted perfectly and i could actually SIT to his canter in it. Saddle fitter said my Isabell is unbalanced on him hence why i was having such a hard time riding properly in it. So it wasn't my bad riding after all!
If i had a money tree i would so love an NSC but with my rather large vet bill i can't be going around buying new saddles. Maybe once i have cleared it up i can look into getting one. That would be pretty awesome!

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