Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Draw is up!

So excited and sooo sooo nervous. I have vomiting butterflies in my stomach already...

My preliminary 1.2 test is at 3:04pm and my preliminary 1.4 test is at 2:21pm
Both tests are in the "beach" arenas so no indoor for me this time. Probably a good thing as last time didn't go so well and i have no idea if Sparky will react to being indoors. A visit to LVF may be in order. Otherwise i might sneak a quick ride in the indoor at Showfields just to test what he thinks of it. Will see how brave i am feeling on the day.

I think i have conned Hayley into coming and calling my tests for me. I am learning them but knowing me i will probably get muddled on the day and i don't want to get course errors like last time!

Will update the blog with some photos soon. He has put on weight since i have had him. The Hanley doing the trick! Photos from the show i will get from Libby Law who takes A-MAZING photos and can even make me look good which is no easy task...

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