Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Saddle SOLD

So i have sold my Wintec Isabell Werth to get Captain difficult back a properly fitting saddle.
A very rare thing happened though, i actually sold it for more than i paid for it. Nothing sinister on my part. I just put it on Trademe with a reserve of what i paid, then people just kept bidding! Hopefully the new owner will get as much enjoyment out of it as i did! :)

Means i now have enough funds for a decent deposit on a NSC Jessica for Sparkles. F
lashiest saddle i would have ever owned. Seriously spoilt! Super excited to get it, not super excited to pay for it. But i think there are certain things you can justify spending a decent amount of money on. A properly fitting saddle WILL help me ride better, super expensive browband will NOT.

So i haven't totally lost my marbles, not yet anyway...

Monday, January 31, 2011

He's out of the woods!

Sparky and Lucy looking super cool in their new Savvy Touch halters!

Sparky has been very sick lately. Came down with a lung infection. Had a temp of 40.3 degrees! Thankfully my vet is super onto it and came down hard with penicillin and gentamicin. She said that kind of thing very often turns into full blown pneumonia. Crikey! He was almost put onto metronidazole as well but thankfully he turned a corner and improved. It's so awful seeing your horse sick but he is feeling so much better now yay!

Hopefully start riding him again soon when i get the OK from the vet :)

On a more positive note i got the photos from Showfields dressage. Not exactly a showcase of my finest riding ;) I bought one off Libby anyway though. My shirt makes
me look like i have a hunch back and my reins are far too long but oh well.

I also need to find him a new saddle that actually fits. Rode in an NSC that fitted perfectly and i could actually SIT to his canter in it. Saddle fitter said my Isabell is unbalanced on him hence why i was having such a hard time riding properly in it. So it wasn't my bad riding after all!
If i had a money tree i would so love an NSC but with my rather large vet bill i can't be going around buying new saddles. Maybe once i have cleared it up i can look into getting one. That would be pretty awesome!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hot hot hot

Showfields dressage today!
I really had no clue what to expect of Sparky at a show or how he would react. Admittedly i rode very defensively (badly) in my first test the 1.4
Was so very nervous and subconsciously expected him to throw his toys in the arena like every other horse i have ever ridden! He was very obliging though and even with my poor riding ended up with 56.80%

He did feel very fresh warming up initially. Not like the Sparky i'm used to! By the time test 2 came along. the 1.2 he had well and truly run out of gas. Someone has no concept of conserving energy... I just walked him around trying not to tire him but i think a combination of heat plus the very deep sand in the arena made it hard for him. Test went what i thought was well. Admittedly we were going snail pace, rider wasn't feeling very confident! Towards the end of the test i did start asking him for a more active trot though. No results for this one. Class finished at 5:30 and wasn't keen on hanging around. Hopefully they will post results online.

Confidence will only come with time and outings. Ringcraft is one thing i need to work on. My circles became squares and transitions not quite on markers. But at least no course errors thanks to my caller Hayley! Was very pleased with how he reacted in the show environment. It was quite a busy day with the races going on nearby and lots of horses around. He was happy to chill at the float and munch on his hay net :)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Draw is up!

So excited and sooo sooo nervous. I have vomiting butterflies in my stomach already...

My preliminary 1.2 test is at 3:04pm and my preliminary 1.4 test is at 2:21pm
Both tests are in the "beach" arenas so no indoor for me this time. Probably a good thing as last time didn't go so well and i have no idea if Sparky will react to being indoors. A visit to LVF may be in order. Otherwise i might sneak a quick ride in the indoor at Showfields just to test what he thinks of it. Will see how brave i am feeling on the day.

I think i have conned Hayley into coming and calling my tests for me. I am learning them but knowing me i will probably get muddled on the day and i don't want to get course errors like last time!

Will update the blog with some photos soon. He has put on weight since i have had him. The Hanley doing the trick! Photos from the show i will get from Libby Law who takes A-MAZING photos and can even make me look good which is no easy task...

20 rising 2!

When i bought Sparky i was warned that he could be mean to other horses in the paddock. I was cool with this because i hate clingy horses. Well he has now decided that Lucy is his best friend for life and he cannot bear to be parted from her. GREAT! Just what i didn't want to happen...
When i do take him away from her for a ride etc he gets all stressy. In the arena he wasn't even really listening to me. I could feel him looking over at her. Mole rat! On a positive note i actually manged to sit to a Sparky canter today. He has quite a big canter compared to what i am used to and i haven't been able to park my bum properly in the saddle until today. So every cloud has a silver lining.

Tomorrow i plan on doing some ground work before my ride. Getting him focussed on ME instead of Lucy goose. Working on park and some overshadowing if i need to. If i was cleaver i would have done it today lol. Got to love the TBs with ADD...

Finished off our ride today by putting him in the paddock with Lucy. Hopefully that will settle him down a bit. But this was not before he acted like a stallion and tried to kill the horse in the next paddock. Smooth sparkle boy! Secretly deep down inside he's actually 2 years old...

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Entries done!

Sent off my entries this afternoon to Showfields dressage next weekend. That's very soon i know but he's doing so superb at home i really want to get out and get a mark on paper to see where we are at. A benchmark so to speak.

Every ride we are getting better and better. As i get more confident on him i can push him on for a bit more active movement instead of just shuffling along. Wow he can move! So different to riding Scotty who didn't really have much movement at all. While asking him for a bit more active trot yesterday he even threw in 2 strides of extension. Not quite what i wanted but wow it felt A-MAZING! Today went for a big canter down each long side of the arena, across the diagonal with a simple change in the middle. Such a clever pony! He's so much fun to ride :)

Lesson tomorrow with Nic and will be interesting to see how we have progressed since last week.

Friday, December 31, 2010


Had one of those "ride like a complete muppet" days today. Would think of some excuse to explain but i really can't be bothered. Sparky however was ever so obliging with his extraordinarily useless rider.

Muppet rider looking at something amazingly interesting on the ground. Sparky just looks oh so cute as always!

Cooling off walk

Sparky and Lucy had a brief moment of getting to graze together. Then i decided it was too much hard work with feeding them different things and amounts. They just have a tape between them so they can smooch over the fence if they wish. Sparky is good with her and puts her in her place when he needs to. She thinks he's the most divine thing on 4 legs (she's in season a
t the mo). It is nice they get along well as it makes some things much easier. Like leading two at once, which is always nicer when they don't try kill each other. Sparky has actually become my
babysitter for Lucy teaching her correct floating techniques aka don't move or i will bite you. He sets a great example for her! :)

Cute horses making friends