Wednesday, December 29, 2010


The first post is always the hardest. I will do my best to think of something intelligent to say on behalf of Sparky.

I went and tried Sparky on 26th December on recommendation of a friend. I thought he was far too old and far too tall but i went for a look anyway. Then i fell in love with him! We picked him up the next day.

He has settled in so very well. You wouldn't even know he has just arrived! He very much enjoys his food and as mum discovered yesterday, he LOVES apples. Mum was quite excited by this and now has insisted on bringing him apples on a regular basis. Don't seem him complaining!

Had a lesson on him today which went well. We are still very much figuring each other out (from the 4 times i have ridden him so far) so it's all a learning experience but he's so obliging and sweet! My aim with him is to build up my confidence and do some dressage shows. There are a couple coming up in January at Showfields. It's not exactly the closest of places but i LOVE the venue so it's well worth the drive.

Sparky has been started on The Hanley Formula same as Lucy, hopefully i will see as good a results!

No photos from "home" just yet. My camera seems to have sprouted legs and walked off somewhere. In the meantime here is and older photo :)

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